Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Alga

Spring Alga
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Finished a sweater for spring. Its very soft and comfortable. Some of the bumps show, but I think it looks pretty great. Pattern is Alga with Louisa Harding Kashmir DK.
I am looking forward to the next project...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February foxiness

February is a funny month. Its definitely still winter around here, but seed catalogs are already marked, and orders ready to be placed. I usually have some forced bulbs around to remind me that spring is not too far away. Here in the Palouse, we always get a little teaser - some sun and temperatures in the 40's.
This induces dreaming of spring....but we know spring won't really show up here until late May or early June. Sigh.
A new tradition I look forward to is the Valentine's dinner at Left Bank Gallery. It is a romantic setting, there is music, and a set menu. So you just sit back and relax, have a real conversation with your significant other, and look at the art.
I acquired another Nelson Duran print. This is a little fox that I loved when Nelson put it in the gallery last year, but it was sold before I saw it. He made 3 prints this spring, and I got #1!
Isn't he cute?

I also started another project with some silver silk mohair yarn. Its crochet, so that is something different for my little hands.
I will have some finished knitting soon, so stay tuned.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter goes on

I meant to be updating the blog every week...but as winter goes on, I find its more like once a month.
But its not supposed to be a chore - so I won't feel bad. I haven't finished much knitting because of my reoccuring finger pain. I am still working on my cabled sweater and have started a plain top down pullover.
I'm watching what I eat - due to major holiday cookie madness. I made this for dinner tonight: Squash and pasta. The original recipe came from a Cooking Light magazine (look - here it is!). The squash is something my husband grew - it doesn't have a name. It was sweet but not as firm as butternut. He loves to experiment with squash crosses, but sometime I just wish I had plain old butternut!
Pretty much followed the recipe, although I added just a tablespoon of butter to make the cheese sauce, and used some mozerella in place of some of the provolone. Everyone ate it - success!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmastime is here...

 and I have only one knitted Christmas gift to show for it.
I am working away on Charlotte's sweater, and I am pretty close...but a week away at least. A Happy New Year sweater, maybe? I have had problems knitting for long periods of time - my fingers get sore and swollen. Can anyone say "early arthritis?".

  After Charlotte's gift is finished, I will finish my cabled sweater...still have 1 sleeve and the collar left to do.

I also got myself an Alabama Chanin kit from the girls for Christmas. They had a 30% off sale, and I figured that was the best price I could hope for. I got the corset top, because I was afraid to mess up something large, like a dress. If this goes well, I'll get the dress next year.

  Hope you are having great holidays and a crafty new year!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday cooking

I'm sitting for the first time in hours. I did a lot of holiday cooking today. First, nutmeg maple butter cookies. I didn't have any cute acorn cookie cutters - so I did stars. I think they will be yummy with tea.
Then I did chicken tamales. I adapted a recipe from this book, it called for turkey legs, but I used chicken quarters. They were delicious and cute!  We have tamales every year around the holidays. We have them at other times also, but always during Christmas break.
Last dish, pretzel bark. So bad and so good. I found that recipe at halloween, but its easy to adapt for Christmas. I used toffee bits and M & M's for toppings.
Cookie exchange tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cod with Braised Kale and Potatoes Recipe - Saveur.com

Cod with Braised Kale and Potatoes Recipe - Saveur.com

Made this for dinner tonight. Its all gone - family loved it! I added a little butter ( just a little, I swear) and some lemon juice. I used chicken stock (no fish stock on hand) and only about 1/4 cup
of dry sherry. I used my braising pan - I swear its magic.

Be back soon with some knitting updates....

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The restoration of winter

I know you are surprised to hear me say anything nice about winter. It is not my favorite season, despite my moving ever northward. I was feeling down about winter this week, until I listened to my favorite podcast, Cast-on. Brenda was talking about Guy Fawkes night, and how it was a poor substitute for a harvest festival, which prepares you for the winter ahead.  I suddenly realized I have it all wrong. I just need to prepare for the long season of winter - and since we are hosting Thanksgiving this year for Brian's parents, it will feel like a real feast. I can say goodbye to the growing and changing of the summer, and prepare for the long restoration of winter. I know you won't mind if I say a little amen here.
There is a time to push and a time to rest.  I can console myself with wooly handknits - like these!

I can make lots of soup. I am making kale and sausage tonight (like this, but without bell pepper and adding a little pasta). There will be a lot of roasting meats and vegetables. I can cuddle my family and be thankful we are sheltered and warm in our house. I feel better already. How do you get ready for winter?